The debate around the future of research is wide-ranging and stimulating. We’ll be using this page to post links to the places the debate is raging – on blogs, in the mainstream media, on Twitter. We also welcome your comments on any of the topics covered on this microsite. You can post comments below or tweet them to @jiscevents or email

The debate got going at the Future of Research conference where we captured and preserved the online discussion. Here are some examples from the tagged Twitter stream on the day, with more details below.

Scots model very interesting; relationship between HE, government & industry closer. National identity stronger; UK regions less
Porter mentions VAT as challenge to shared svcs. True, but shouldn’t be for ones which are tech-heavy & staff-light & low mark-up
Panel, Hall: Condemns the lack of real policy for HE, innovation, research etc (policy set by unaccountable think-tanks)…
Porter: Use collective bargaining power, good deals for the sector; implement shared infrastructure; differentiate locally
Sarah Porter observes that many things JISC provides are envy of the
world (very true in my experience)
@simonhodson99 Visser: HE sector needs to improve key competencies: project
management, putting together business cases, service provision etc.
The language issue arises again – this time between commercial & research world. Timescales also very different
Make money not by licensing and IP but by adding value to open access data, says Hall
Hall: stresses the important of network assets, interactions/collaborations between institutions
Hall: “we have people whose citations have simply gone through the roof as result of OA repository”
Academic lift thrives on giving away knowledge in return for reputational capital
”Half of researchers want to store data forever” says Takeda. Only half ?
Southampton’s lucky!
”uk universities more expensive than german companies as european research partners” – comment from audience at #jiscres10
”‘effectiveness’ (not just efficiency) and ‘communication’ are key to
maintaining research reputation” – Julia Goodfellow at #jiscres10
I wonder what the “right support mechanisms for collaborative research” are?

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